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Another Step partners with people with developmental disabilities to create the lives they choose
The Best Assisted Living for Mentally Disabled Adults Valley Cottage, NY
The act of day-to-day living is not always easy for a person with a developmental disability. The best way to assist people with developmental disabilities is to give them a chance to develop a sense of belonging and acceptance within the community. Giving disabled adults a chance to participate in community activities makes them feel complete. Another Step, we have been offering services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1992. If you are seeking the best-assisted living for mentally disabled adult providers in Valley Cottage, NY, you can count on us.
Through our community habilitation program, we strive to increase a person's independent living skills. This helps to enhance the person's ability to function as a member of the community. The program equips disabled adults with valuable social skills, communication skills, self-help skills, and independent living skills, among others. 

Another Step offers community integration services. Community integration is a proven rehabilitation and psychiatric care that enables people to develop social, personal, and vocational competency. These skills enable a person to live as independently as possible or to be self-reliant in his/her own home or community. 

For a long time, the attempts to rehabilitate people with developmental disabilities have taken place in environments that are away or set apart from the rest of society. These environments include clinics, hospitals, residential treatment programs, and day treatment programs. Although these environments may play a crucial role in psychiatric care, their separation from the community limits their effectiveness.

Another Step, our community integration takes place in the actual community settings. For instance, during a day habilitation, our direct support professional may accompany the adult to a public library, a restaurant, social hall, or any other public setting. This way, a disabled person learns how to thrive in a community where he/she lives. We embrace disabled people in the best way possible and make them feel like the rest of us.