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Another Step partners with people with developmental disabilities to create the lives they choose
 Community Habilitation and Integration New City, NY
Community habilitation and integration services are important for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The programs help give meaning and purpose to disabled adults' lives. The programs also give disabled people an opportunity to enjoy their basic civil rights, including self-determination, personal freedom, and choice. Community integration is the best way to help a disabled person gain a high level of independence and autonomy in his/her life. Another Step offers reliable community habilitation and integration services in New City, NY.
Another Step, we have been helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1992, and we are still committed to this noble task. We have a unique way of providing adult daycare. We provide all-day support by utilizing community resources. 

Our staff and direct support professionals use community structures like libraries, gyms, coffee shops, and college facilities to give our clients a chance to be full members of the community. We deliver our services in small groups to ensure that we give every client personalized attention. 

Our participants do not have to leave their homes to participate in our programs. We pick the participants from home in the morning and drop them off in the evening. We develop a schedule of activities that match a participant’s preferences. As we carry on with the day habilitation programs, we constantly seek feedback from the participants. The feedback allows us to modify our programs to match the interests of the participants.  

Another Step offers job coaching and employment services to participants interested in engaging in meaningful employment. We make employment a component of each day, depending on the capability of the participant. A participant can work as much or as little as his/her capabilities allow. 

Our employment and job coaching services comprise of assistance in dealing with employers, job task analysis, and placement services, among others. Many people in New City, NY, are benefitting from our services.