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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Please comment on each of the below statements by providing any information you believe will benefit the Agency as a whole.   

Inorder to identify areas of needed improvement , all of the below fields require some input, except for Current Position.  This field is optional for those who wish to remain anonymous.

Inforamtion |

My work gives me a feeling of professional accomplishment.
Current Position - optional (example: Coordinator, DSP, Director)
How many years have you been working with the Agency?
My job makes good use of my skills and abilities
I am able to spend productive time working on the tasks assigned me
I believe my efforts are valued within my department
Employee Department & Location (example: Day Hab Rockland, IRA Westchester, )
Knowing what I know now, I would reapply for my current position
I am encouraged to share my ideas for new and more efficient ways of doing things
I am comfortable speaking with my supervisor about work related issues
Department Managers' distribute the work load fairly
Department Managers' support the need for work-life balance
Department Managers' demostrate a commitment to quality
Department Managers' apply Agency policies and procedures in a fair and consistent manner
How many years have you been working in your current position?
The Agency fosters a positive work environment
I am motivated to see the Agency succeed
I am satisfied with the potential for professional growth within the Agency
What other issues not included in this survey, should be addressed by the Agency as a whole?

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