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Another Step partners with people with developmental disabilities to create the lives they choose
Ideal Group Homes for Developmentally Disabled Adults Elmsford, NY
Although a group home may have several rules on how it needs to run, it allows disabled adults to live in a real house and to thrive in a real community around them. Most disabled people deal with the difficult aspect of isolation from the community. Disabled people receive all the wrong kinds of attention; it is common to find regular people rudely staring at a person with developmental disabilities. Another Step provides ideal group homes where disabled adults feel appreciated and loved.  

We are committed to helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and have been helping them since 1992. We offer a wide range of supportive services including day habilitation, day hab, community integration, home care, job coaching, and supervised living, among others. 
At the group residences, the residents become their own special and supportive community, assisting each other to live more regular and independent lives. While at the group homes, the residents take part in household chores, depending on the levels of their capabilities. No matter the condition of a resident, we ensure that we engage him/her in a task no matter how small. This makes the resident feel that he/she is contributing to the smooth running of the group home. This creates a sense of belonging and helps develop a person's skills. 

Group homes are always open to visitors at all times; there is no restriction on the visiting hours. We always involve family members and friends, allowing them to interact with their loved ones. We also welcome input from family members. Another Step creates group homes that are warm and welcoming. We also customize and decorate our homes to match the individual preferences of the residents. 

Our supervised living entails helping the residents with medication management and offering constant supervision. Our staff at the group homes is ethical and well trained to manage all affairs relating to the residents. At Another Step Elmsford, NY, your loved one is in the best hands.